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Solar Technology related terms beginning with L.

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  • Langley (L) : Unit of solar irradiance. One gram calorie per square centimeter. 1 L = 85.93 kwh/m2.

  • Lattice : The regular periodic arrangement of atoms or molecules in a crystal of semiconductor material.

  • Lead-Acid Battery : A general category that includes batteries with plates made of pure lead, lead-antimony, or lead-calcium immersed in an acid electrolyte.

  • Life : The period during which a system is capable of operating above a specified performance level.

  • Life-Cycle Cost : The estimated cost of owning and operating a photovoltaic system for the period of its useful life.

  • Light-Induced Defects : Defects, such as dangling bonds, induced in an amorphous silicon semiconductor upon initial exposure to light.

  • Light Trapping : The trapping of light inside a semiconductor material by refracting and reflecting the light at critical angles; trapped light will travel further in the material, greatly increasing the probability of absorption and hence of producing charge carriers.

  • Line-Commutated Inverter : An inverter that is tied to a power grid or line. The commutation of power (conversion from direct current to alternating current) is controlled by the power line, so that, if there is a failure in the power grid, the photovoltaic system cannot feed power into the line.

  • Liquid Electrolyte Battery : A battery containing a liquid solution of acid and water. Distilled water may be added to these batteries to replenish the electrolyte as necessary. Also called a flooded battery because the plates are covered with the electrolyte.

  • Load : The demand on an energy producing system; the energy consumption or requirement of a piece or group of equipment. Usually expressed in terms of amperes or watts in reference to electricity.

  • Load Circuit : The wire, switches, fuses, etc. that connect the load to the power source.

  • Load Current (A) : The current required by the electrical device.

  • Load Resistance : The resistance presented by the load. See resistance.

  • Low Voltage Cutoff (LVC) : The voltage level at which a charge controller will disconnect the load from the battery.

  • Low Voltage Disconnect : The voltage at which a charge controller will disconnect the load from the batteries to prevent over-discharging.

  • Low Voltage Disconnect Hysteresis : The voltage difference between the low voltage disconnect set point and the voltage at which the load will be reconnected.

  • Low Voltage Warning : A warning buzzer or light that indicates the low battery voltage set point has been reached.

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