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Solar Sales - Providing information on Solar Powered solutions to save you money and cut back on power grid electricity usage.

Nano Ttechnology and Solar Power - new ways to generate solar power.

    Solar Panels are a clean, renewable source of electrical power that can save you money and help the environment

    Solar powered electrical cells have been around for a long time. The regularly used silicon cells last over 20 years with minimal power degradation, and provide all the benefits of reliable power while reducing dependency on the electrical grid.

    With all of these advantages, one might wonder the reason solar power isn't used as widely as it could be. The answer is chiefly the cost. Traditional silicon PV panels typically run around $3 per watt. Electricity coming from the electrical company is under $2 per watt, so naturally the initial investment has prevented this technology from being fully adopted by the general public.

    Until now.

    Recently a series of technological advances using nanatechnology have made incredibly breakthroughs in efficiency and cost. This new process applies a layer of solar-absorbing nano-ink onto metal sheets as thin as aluminum foil reducing production costs to a mere tenth of current solar panels. These new panels are being produced by a company called Nanosolar and could very well lead the way to a much larger use of PV power generation. By offering power cells on a parity with the electrical utilities, there are compelling reasons to seriously consider the benefits of solar.

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