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Solar Sales - Providing information on Solar Powered solutions to save you money and cut back on power grid electricity usage.

Solar Water Pumps - Water pumps run on solar power

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Solar driven water pumps provided by these companies and manufacturers:

  1. B/W Solar - Research, design, manufacture and sale of solar powered pumps, trackers and accessories. Australia.
  2. Cap Solar - Distributor of DC powered solar water pumps. Canada.
  3. ClearSkies, Inc - Manufacture solar powered pumps for above ground fuel systems.
  4. Divwatt - Manufacturer of solar pumps and digital pump controllers. South Africa.
  5. Lorentz Pumps - Manufacturer of solar pumps and solar tracking systems. Germany.
  6. Nemo Solar - Manufacturer of energy-efficient 12 and 24V DC submersible well pumps.
  7. Poulek Solar - Installs pumping systems that use a combination of bifacial PV modules and solar trackers. Includes price list and photos.
  8. Shurflo Pumps - Manufactures a wide range of AC and DC pressurizing, delivery, and submersible well pumps for solar electric applications. 12 and 24 volt DC and 120 volt AC pumps.
  9. Solamotor - Manufacture solar electric powered deep-well pumps, and primarily jack pumps for deep wells.
  10. Solar Pumping Solutions - Supply and installation of solar pumpimg systems and associated products. NSW, Australia.
  11. Solar Water Pumps - Retailer of solar pumps for residential and rural applications. Montana.
  12. Solar Water Technologies Inc - Solar water pumping systems for agriculture, irrigation and livestock watering. Texas.
  13. Solarwellpumps - Retailer of solar and wind pumping systems. Oklahoma.
  14. Sun Pumps, Inc - Manufacturer of solar powered water pumping equipment.
  15. Sunmotor International - Manufactures 12 and 24V DC submersible pumps for remote locations.
  16. WorldWater - Larger scale solar pumps. Water and power pumping systems, providing proprietary solar pumping and lighting equipment, water management and engineering operations, and project financing.

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