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Solar Sales - Providing information on Solar Powered solutions to save you money and cut back on power grid electricity usage.

Solar parts and pieces. The parts you need to make solar work for you.

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Different companies and manufacturers providing solar parts and components:

  1. Array Technologies, Inc - Manufacturer of Wattsun dual-axis solar trackers and solar tracking controllers.
  2. Beacon Power - Manufacturer of inverters for grid tie solar systems, and flywheel-based energy storage systems.
  3. Connecticut Solar - Retailer of solar electric components, specializing in portable and remote solar power solutions.
  4. Direct Power and Water Corporation - Engineers and manufactures photovoltaic module support structures, battery boxes, and integrated system enclosures.
  5. Exeltech Inc - Manufacturer of sine wave power inverters, battery chargers, rectifiers and accessories.
  6. Lateral Technology - Manufacturer & supplier of renewable energy products including solar panels and accessories, solar and hybrid power systems. Australia.
  7. Maui Solar Energy Software Corporation - Software manufacturer and publisher for several programs for photovoltaic systems design, Trace inverters program interface, and solar hot water systems.
  8. Morningstar Corporation - Manufactures photovoltaic charge controllers and solar lighting controllers for solar electric systems. Includes extensive technical documentation in pdf format.
  9. Open Energy Corporation - Designers and manufacturers of building-integrated solar systems for commercial, industrial, and residential projects.
  10. OutBack Power Systems - Manufacturer of power centers, inverters, chargers, controls and installation hardware for renewable energy systems.
  11. PV Powered - Manufacturer of utility-interactive inverters for residential and commercial renewable energy markets.
  12. SEC America, LLC - Manufacturers of DC-AC inverters and emergency power for alternative energy heating.
  13. Selectronic Australia Pty Ltd - Design and manufacture a range of modified square wave power inverters .
  14. Solar Converters Inc - Manufacturer of charge controllers.
  15. Sol-Lite - Manufacturer of mini solar panels for consumer solar products. Hong Kong.
  16. Specialty Concepts Inc - Manufacturer of solid-state charge controllers.
  17. Two Seas Metalworks - Manufactures roof-ground, top of pole, and other universal mounts for solar electric panels. Battery enclosures and racks.
  18. Zomeworks Corporation - Manufactures photovoltaic module mounting structures, solar panel tracking mounts, and temperature regulating battery enclosures.

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