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Solar Sales - Providing information on Solar Powered solutions to save you money and cut back on power grid electricity usage.

Merchants and Retailers that sell solar powered devices

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Different companies and manufacturers selling items powered by Solar Energy:

  1. Blue Sky Energy - Manufactures 12 to 48 volt maximum power point tracking photovoltaic charge controllers for RV's, boats, and stand alone home power solar electric systems.
  2. Environmental Solar Systems - Sales and installations of solar systems: Photovoltaic (PV) systems, solar hot water heating systems, solar hot air systems, coffee & fruit & vegetable dehydrators, sunrooms and passive solar systems.
  3. Hankey Asia, Ltd - Manufacturer of solar-powered products including street lights, flashlights, cell phone chargers and air purifiers.
  4. Natural Light Energy Systems - US manufacturer of solar attic fans and tubular skylights.
  5. Select Solar - Sells 12V charging kits for boats and caravans, garden lights, torches, phone chargers and electrical accessories, as well as framed and flexible panels.
  6. The Solar Garden - Retailer of solar landscape lights, water fountains and garden statues.
  7. Solar Illuminations - International online retailer of solar powered lighting products. Florida.
  8. The Solar Store - Retailer of solar powered products, pv/solar system components and electric vehicles. Oregon.
  9. Solarpath Sun Solutions - Solar powered illumination and marking devices, including raised pavement markers and landscaping LED tiles. New Jersey.
  10. Sol-Lite Manufacturing - manufacturer of small OEM mini solar panel, solar charger and solar toys.
  11. Voltaic Systems - Manufacturer of bags and backpacks with PV panels to recharge your traveling electrical devices.

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