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Solar Sales - Providing information on Solar Powered solutions to save you money and cut back on power grid electricity usage.

Page 6 of the Solar Directory - Websites that support Solar Power

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Page 6 of the companies and manufacturers promoting Solar Energy:

  1. Sierra Solar Systems - Design and supply solar, wind, and micro-hydro electric systems. Includes a store, design centre and related links.
  2. Solar Cell Sales - Solar cell and wind electric systems and equipment.
  3. Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation - Shec has developed a process to produce hydrogen which does not create green house gases such as co or co2, using only water and sunlight as the inputs into the process.
  4. Solar Sense - Details of the range of products available along with contact information.
  5. Solar Solutions Inc. - Specializes in renewable energy and conservation devices to aid in the preservation of our resources.
  6. - Solar modules, photovoltaics, wind generators, water power, and other alternative power sources.
  7. Solaroil Systems BV - The Netherlands. Promoting the use of pure plant oil (PPO) as fuel for automobiles. Multi-lingual site.
  8. Solarpath Energy Systems - Solar, wind, and hydroelectric systems, products and accessories.
  9. Solarsaver - Solar and wind energy systems.
  10. South Carolina Solar - Photovoltaics and wind turbine installation, panels, inverters, and components for the Carolinas.
  11. The Sun Electric Company - Full line solar electric and wind power back-up power systems for domestic and commercial clients.Includes extensive renewable energy resource.
  12. Sustainable Earth Technologies - Design, supply and installation of renewable energy systems including solar, wind and hydro power systems. SEIAA accredited designers and installers.
  13. Technology Transition Corporation - Consultation and marketing company concentrating on clean and renewable energy technologies.
  14. Treeplast, thermoplastic wood - A natural, wood-like, renewable and biodegradable material (biopolymer) for injection moulding.
  15. UtilityFree - Turn-key solar electric, hydroelectric and wind energy power systems for utility interactive, emergency back-up and remote applications.
  16. Vermont Solar Engineering Inc. - Designers, suppliers, and installers of renewable energy systems. Catalog, portfolio, and ordering information.
  17. Windstream Power Systems - Renewable energy manufacturer and distributor of human, solar, wind and microhydro systems.
  18. Zephyr Industries, Inc. - Power Vent battery box ventilator with back draft damper for renewable energy systems with lead acid batteries.

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