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Solar Sales - Providing information on Solar Powered solutions to save you money and cut back on power grid electricity usage.

Page 4 of the Solar Directory - Websites that support Solar Power

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Page 4 of the companies and manufacturers promoting Solar Energy:

  1. Ekopower - Supplies data acquisition and control systems, sensors and instruments for energy, including solar and wind energy, agro meteorology and environment. System design and engineering, installation, training and consultancy.
  2. Elektronische Regelungen GmbH - Manufactures thermal solar controllers. RESOL brand.
  3. e-Marine, Inc. - Discount supplier of Odorbuster holding tank vent line filter, Kyocera and Uni-Solar solar panels, Air Marine wind generators, deep cycle batteries, charge controllers, and accessories.
  4. Energi- og Miljødata - EMS is a software and know-how center supplying countries world wide with software within the field of projecting and documentation of environmental energy projects.
  5. Energotech S.A. - Research design and manufacturing of renewable energy systems.
  6. Engineering Services Co. - Helping people and companies save energy and money through conservation of energy, and providing renewable energy systems and equipment to meet your needs.
  7. ETTE, - Small wind turbines, both horizontal axis and vertical axis, hydro turbines, and crossflow turbines.
  8. EV Solar Products - Design, installation, and sale of solar electric, wind, and water pumping systems. Products include inverters, solar panels, and solar electric components.
  9. - Supplies equipment for living beyond the electric grid including solar, generators, inverters, and wind power units.
  10. Global Green Solutions Inc. - Offers an algae to biofuel system, a system to convert wood waste to low cost steam, and performs greenhouse gas emissions reduction projects for oil and gas companies in developing countries.
  11. GO Solar Company - For solar energy system information, panels, products, installation and service we are your solar power expert.
  12. Great Lakes Energy Systems - Solar power systems (photovoltaic), trace inverters, trace chargers, trace controllers, storage batteries and installations.
  13. Green Pages - The global directory for environmental technology and guide to environmental products and services.
  14. Green Star - A self-contained solar-powered system, delivering electricity, electronic commerce, pure water, education, telemedicine and support for agriculture and light manufacturing to any community in the world.
  15. Greenprices, Green Energy In Europe - Information on green energy products, prices and news, with information on how to buy electricity from renewable sources.
  16. Highland Energy Inc. - Privately owned Canadian Corporation committed to recovering methane gas from landfills for the purpose of creating profitable benefits by using the landfill gas as an alternate source of fuel to produce electricity.
  17. Hotwire Enterprises - High output wind generators, solar panels (Siemens and Canrom), low-amp port fans, and related products available for folks who need to be energy-independent.
  18. Independent Power Corporation - Design, engineer and install solar, wind and hydroelectric power generation systems .

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