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Solar Sales - Providing information on Solar Powered solutions to save you money and cut back on power grid electricity usage.

Page 3 of the Solar Directory - Websites that support Solar Power

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Page 3 of the companies and manufacturers promoting Solar Energy:

  1. Able Environmental - Offers products and services about home heating using earth-based technologies.
  2. ABS Alaskan Alternative Energy - Alternative and renewable energy information and products, including solar power, wind energy, storage batteries, inverters and accessories.
  3. Acciona Energía - Renewable energy company focused in the wind, biomass, small hydro, and solar industries. Pamplona, Spain.
  4. Advanced Buildings Technologies and Practices - Provides information on passive and renewable energy source for building heating, cooling and electrification.
  5. Ainelec - Equipment selection for stand alone/hybrid installations such as wind/diesel, biogas, hydro, photovoltaic, and fuel cell.
  6. Alternative Fuels and Energy - Develops and promotes renewable energy devices and practices. Main products are the Sun Lizard solar air heater and cooler, and biodiesel production and consultancy.
  7. Alternative Power Inc - Solar electric, wind and hydro power, portable solar PowerPacker and backup power systems.
  8. American Solar Roofing Systems - Solar thermal roofing system combining roofing tile technology and solar design. All-weather protection for the building that collects solar energy for space heating and hot water.
  9. Atlas of reneweable energy - A collection of maps, currently of Switzerland and Germany, indicating the occurrence of solar radiation, wind, waves, tides and ocean currents, hydro-power, biomass, and terrestrial heat. Address lists of companies and organisations active in the field of renewable energy are part of the atlas as well.
  10. AWS Scientific - An engineering and meteorological consulting firm offering renewable energy and environmental services to the private, energy and government sectors.
  11. Big Frog Mountain - Solar electric equipment, wind turbines, small hydro-electric generators, inverters.
  12. Bitterrootsolar Solar - Solar and wind power equipment and systems.
  13. CADDET Renewable Energy - Providing information on full scale demonstration projects within wind, hydro, waste, solar, photovoltaics, tidal, and biomass.
  14. Center for Resource Solutions - Certification program provides a way to identify energy options, everyday consumer products and services that meet strict consumer protection and environmental standards.
  15. CET Solar Supplies - Renewable energy product distributor. From starter kits, separate components or entire system kits, including heating, lighting, appliances, water purifiers, water pumping, toilets, tankless water heating and wind generators.
  16. CI Solar Supplies Co. - Manufactures solar and wind electric generating units.
  17. Diversified Power Systems - Importer, distributor and designer of photovoltaic systems and other energy related products.

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