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Solar Sales - Providing information on Solar Powered solutions to save you money and cut back on power grid electricity usage.

Photovoltaic Panels - Companies that produce and sell solar panels

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Photovoltaic Panels from different companies and manufacturers:

  1. Acme Electric - Retailers and installers of solar electric systems for homes and businesses. San Francisco Bay area.
  2. American Energy Technologies, Inc - Full service design/build renewable energy installation company providing turn key commercial solar energy solutions. New Jersey.
  3. Amonix Incorporated - Manufacturer of solar power cells and Integrated High Concentration Photovoltaic (IHCPV) Generating Systems.
  4. Barden Energy Solutions - Retailers of solar panels and accessories for marine, RV and leisure applications. UK.
  5. Bee Cool, Inc - Manufacturer of monocrystalline solar panels and battery chargers.
  6. Berger Lichttechnik - Developer and manufacturer of testing and measuring systems used in the production of photovoltaic solar modules, arrays and cells. Germany.
  7. BP Solar - Manufacturer of a wide range of solar electric (photovoltaic) panels. Purchased Solarex in 2001, Solarex panels now sold under the BP brand name. Also a distributor for all other system components.
  8. Canrom Photovoltaics Inc - Manufactures solar cells and modules and related components, such as inverters.
  9. CIS SOLAR - Developer of a thin film photovoltaic technology using CIS material through electrodeposition. Quebec, Canada.
  10. Corporate International Operations - Wholesaler of solar cells, module manufacturing equipment and materials.
  11. ECN Solar Energy - Researches and develops PV materials and -processing technologies, cell- and module design.
  12. Energy Matters - Retailer of renewable energy products including solar panels, wind turbines, and accessories. Victoria, Australia.
  13. ENTECH, Incorporated - Manufacture solar concentrator arrays for ground and space power applications.
  14. Ever Step Development Limited - Manufacturer and exporter of solar power products including solar modules, and multi-purpose warning light.
  15. Evergreen Solar - Develops and manufactures photovoltaic modules and solar cells.
  16. First Solar - Manufacturer of PV Modules designed for large scale, grid-connected solar power plants.
  17. Gippsland Friends of Future Generations - Blog describes solar power station expected to power entire town in Queensland, Australia by 2009.

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