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Solar Sales - Providing information on Solar Powered solutions to save you money and cut back on power grid electricity usage.

Solar Direcotry - Websites that support Solar Power

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Each year new products and ideas utilizing Solar Power come into being. This is a list of the people that are helping to make those products take shape. We are not responsible for the content of any of these websites, nor can we endorse their products as they lie outside our area of influence. However, their attempts to bring a greater utilization of solar power is to be commended and we recommend you see what they have to offer.

Different companies and manufacturers promoting Solar Energy:

  1. All Weather Solar Technology Co - China manufacturer of solar powered lights, lanterns, mobile chargers, flashlights, chargers and electronics.
  2. Alternative Solar Products - Distributors of solar electric power systems for remote homes, RV solar chargers, marine solar panels, solar water pumping and solar lighting.
  3. American Solar Energy Society (ASES) - Solar energy conference.
  4. Changzhou Skypower Solar Energy Idustry Co Ltd - China manufacturer and exporter specializing in developing, producing and applying solar powered products and water heaters.
  5. Global Resource Options, LLP - Solar photovoltaic and wind energy systems, building integrated and stand-alone, designed by professional engineers.
  6. Green Age Solar - Manufacturer of solar powered components and products. Malaysia.
  7. Innovative Power Systems - Designs, installs, sells, and services renewable energy systems for homes and businesses in Minnesota and the surrounding region.
  8. Jats Alternative Power Company - Alternative energy retailer located in Seattle, USA. Offers solar panels, wind turbines and micro-hydro generators.
  9. Kyocera Solar - Manufactures photovoltaic equipment and systems. Also large scale distributor of other components for solar electric systems. Kyocera is the worlds largest manufacturer of solar electric panels.
  10. Market Trends in the International Photovoltaics Industry - A 2003 report covering various aspects of renewable energy including incentives, mandates, and government programs.
  11. MoonCell Incorporated - Manufacturer of energy efficient solid state lighting products and integrated wind and solar renewable energy products.
  12. Mr Solar Australia - Solar heating panels, hot water systems, and pumps for home, pool, and business solar hot water systems.

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