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Solar Sales - Providing information on Solar Powered solutions to save you money and cut back on power grid electricity usage.

Benefits of Solar Powered Electricity Generation

There are a number of very good reasons to use Solar Power, these include: Solar Panels are a clean, renewable source of electrical power that can save you money and help the environment
  • Lowered monthly utility bills - What do you think the average power bill is in Texas? $50? $100? Some people consider their $315 MONTHLY electricy bill to not be too expensive. What about this:

    "How about $500-1500? I have friends whose bill runs over $1500 per month. Welcome to Texas." [Texas Power Bill]

    While this is NOT normal, since power costs rise each year, it is wise to look towards what alternatives are available.

  • Increased Reliability - It is a well know fact that a good portion of North America's power distribution system is 40-50 years old, and in need of upgrades and expensive maintenance. While some people argue the infrastructure is too large to effectively maintain, we suggest it WILL be upgrades and improved...and the cost of this will be passed on to the consumers. Which would be you. By investing in Solar Power, not only do you avoid the cost increases, but you avoid the power outtages that are caused by an old and increasingly frail distribution system.

  • Reducing Environmental Damage - Most electricity is generated by either coal, natural gas, or oil. Burning these fossil fuels create greenhouse gasses which further damages our environment, contributes to climate change/global warming, and creates pollution on a scale the planet's habitat are finding difficult to recover from. Solar power creates no pollution and is not harmful to the environment.

  • Reduces Health Risks - Fumes from kerosene lamps in badly ventilated homes can be a serious health problem in much of the world where electric lighting is unavailable. It is estimated that the 780 million women and children who breath kerosene fumes inhale the equivalent of smoke from 2 packs of cigarettes a day. If you live in an area where sufficient electric lighting is unavailable, solar power can provide the energy to give you the light you need without these dangerous toxic fumes.

  • Increases Safety from Reduced Fire Threat - Kerosene lamps and generators can be a dangerous fire hazard in the developing world, tens of thousands of people each year are killed or maimed by accidental fires. Kerosene, diesel, and gasoline stored for lighting and power generation is also a safety threat, whereas solar powered electric lighting is completely safe.

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